GeneratePress Theme Review (May 2021): fastest theme in WordPress. Free vs. Premium

GeneratePress Review Free Vs Premium

GeneratePress #1 Fastest Theme on WordPress

If you are a blogger, we all understand the importance of an excellent fast and elegant theme but as we all know not all theme is free. But if we need a premium theme, then we need a fastest, low-size and attractive and fully customizable theme. To fulfill these requirements, A theme has all these features, just cost some bucks, and it is the fastest theme in WordPress named 'GeneratePress.'

 In this article, we are going to review and tell what the advantages of this why it is just far better than any other theme although why all the blogger and even eCommerce store majorly use this theme are.

We are also giving some examples of websites which are made on this theme.

 Here at HindiMint, we are also running our site on this.

 This also created a trust factor that this theme has something special for bloggers.

We also mention a conclusion for free vs. premium, So without wasting much time, let's start with 'What are the advantage of Using this on your website, blog, and eCommerce store.

Advantage of using GeneratePress

There are multiple advantages of using the GeneratePress theme due to its optimization; this theme must be light.

Advantages of GeneratePress. Review of generatepress.

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 The following are advantages of GeneratePress

Trusted and Secured Theme By Tom Usborne

Tom Usborne makes this theme.

They made this theme very secure for all bloggers to secure their content. This theme fulfills this query. 

It comes with stable and trusted architecture.

 Many famous bloggers on the internet review this theme and they liked it too much.

 therefore it becomes the no.1 choice for bloggers to choose this theme.

This makes an advantage toward it.

The most light weighted theme in WordPress

GeneratePress maker Tom Usborne claimed that the default install has less than 10 kb size which is unbelievable.

 That's also made a trust toward this for choosing this fast and light theme.

it an amazing theme although it is just far better than any other theme.

Blazing fast speed of GeneratePress

Well as we all know that a speed is big factor of ranking that's why this is theme is very light that it just load in some milliseconds.

This GeneratePress always get 100/100 score in popular speed test websites like GTmetrix, Google PageSpeed, and Pingdom by Solar Winds.

No render blocking issues.

This advantage just saves render blocking in site loading it has no dependencies on Jquery means it only loads if it necessary or required.

this helps our content to load in just low time. 

This feature or you can say advantage of this. adds more value to ward its advantages.

SEO ready and fully optimized.

This theme is full customized and if you use this your search ranking factor get solved which improves ranking and although it very important ranking factor.

 As we all know that we need to rank our site on first page of google to get traffic because 90+ people choose first page website for their search query.

W3 guidelines ready

This product qualifies the standard of WCAG 2.0 (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines). According to Tom Usborne this qualify the standward of W3.

GeneratePress Free vs. Premium

GeneratePress Free Vs Premium

This theme comes with a Free and Premium version.

 Although the free theme is good you still get the fastest speed with good seo ranking.

But if you choose premium you get more tools and element control over many things in theme setting.

 Even in woo commerce also for which you can use that to make your site more customized.

Although you may need some CSS codes knowledge for editing of some portion of theme.

 Anyway still the premium is just far better than the free one.

GeneratePress is the best for beginner because with the site library newbie can customize it  very easily. 

In the next we shows you the premium feature you get in this premium plan at the last we will put our review to the 

GeneratePress price plan

GeneratePress price plan source

Actually, the premium is not cheap at all, with a starting plan of  59 USD / Year in which you get an year of updates and support up to 500 websites and second plan start at  249 USD / Year in which get lifetime updates and support for 500 websites. with all of their plans you get 30 days money back guarantee and full access to site library for lifetime even with 59 USD plan.

generatepress free vs. premium

Premium features of GeneratePress.

firstly we talk about the free vs premium and we find out that free is good but not customizable therefore we should buy premium.

Let's start with the feature of GeneratePress Premium Theme.

Website templates.

In the premium plan you get many theme template regarding many topic with the paid plan this is just amazing. generatepress called theme template as site 'library'. 

In these templates you get ready made sites which you can customize and use it on your site.

There are many templates like for shopping, blog, affiliate, and portfolio etc.

Al though in my experience it is very good to have template with theme i know that all premium themes come with some templates.

Website Builder

The GeneratePress theme came with a Website Builder with their new premium plugin.

This website builder is amazing we can customize our website with its new builder by just drag and drop sounds crazy i may beat up the Elementor or Thrive Architect.

Although the website builder is just amazing it just launched on 28 Feb 2021.

If you have interest in GeneratePress website builder than you buy here.

Woo Commerce Compatibility

 The Woo Commerce is a shopping solution plugin by Automattic by which you can customize your shop page with premium plugin so that might help many of our website builder who want to sell products online. 

The main use of this plugin is that you can customize your shop by drag and drop block builder called GenerateBlocks. This is amazing that you can customize your store with this premium because many premium theme don't offer these type service. 

Advanced Styling Control

With it you get all the control over typography of your website easily.

typography mean what that the font or text we see on site. 

we can customize them easily with its premium of GeneratePress.

with this we can customize colors of our site like background colour and header or text color is article or header menu and every corner or our site with this.

Spacing feature is just good to manage spacing between the sidebar, header, footer, and main post area of our website by just going to setting of customization.

the last feature of Advance Styling Control is we can control background images of the site by just uploading that image on customize tab of the website.

Mobile Header

This is theme is very mobile friendly because with the mobile header user can easily navigate to its way. you can customize the mobile header with its customizer you can customize the blog in minutes.

Although we will made a video about the customization of your website. as you know that most of Google's traffic come from mobile devices so it is important to know that that the website should be more attractive to user that they might not create bounce rate for you website.

Review of GeneratePress

on my side this theme is just amazing you use it anywhere but although this is just better if you have some good amount of money to buy this.

I Will Express my review on Pros and Cons

GeneratePress Pros and cons

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  • Woo Commerce Compatibility   
  • Perfect for Blogs and Portfolio sites.
  • Site Library with many templates
  • GenerateBlocks for template editing.


  • Still need css coding knowledge.


The theme is amazing and good looking with say customization. In all side this theme is perfect. You should consider to buy this theme although it is allrounder in all segment like wooCommerce compatibility with shopping templates.

The free theme is also good for decent use. Try to afford this theme. 

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