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 (In this article, you will learn how to make a profitable blog )

We have already discussed the Basic of blogging.

1. What is CMS.

2. How to install and run WordPress on local host.

3.How to setup blog on Blogger.com

And Many More concepts.

Let's Start

What is Domain and Domain Name

We had used word domain and domain name in our basic blogging. Let's know what it is.

To understand, we take the example of www.google.com

www :- World Wide Web(www), also known as a Web, is a collection of websites or web pages stored in web servers and connected to local computers.

Google:-Where known as the domain name is the address of google's website that people type in the browser URL bar to visit google's website.

com:- Stands for the domain, that is a top-level domain(many other types of levels are available )

How to buy domain name

First of all, select your niche and try to choose a domain name according to your niche

How to choose your niche?

So, ready to buy a domain name for your selected niche.

Let's Go...

Go to godaddy.com



And type the domain name, which you would like to buy, and hit on Search Domain.

In the domain name, I used my name. You can use your own domain name.

After finding the perfect domain for your website, click Add to Cart.

And select Privacy and Protection plan. (optional)

click on continue to cart

Chose what you are want to use and click on the checkout

Fill Your Billing Information And Save.

After saving, choose your payment method and pay.
after successful payment, click on save

Boom! You have your domain name.

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Let's understand how to buy Hosting

Recommended hosting is geengeeks because it is very cheap and fast

So in this article, I show you how to buy GreenGeeks Hosting

all processes are same  in others.

First of all go to GreenGeeks.com 

And click on GET STARTED NOW

Select Pro plan because in the pro plan you can host unlimited website and hosting speed is faster

You can buy a new domain from here, and you already own a domain then type the domain name.

After entering the domain name,
Click on next, and you see like this.

Bonus Tips 

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Link  GreenGeeks.com

In this from entering Your Email, first name, last name and all detail which is required
after filling in your essential detail, choose year and server location
After all, fill in the payment detail and click on create an account.
after clicking, your account is ready to use.

How to Connect hosting and domain name each other

First of all, go to your hosting provider website and log in.

In this article, I am using GreenGeeks 

In another hosting. All options are the same, but dashboard view may be different

After login, you see like this

After login into your hosting, click on hosting

after clicking, you see like this

Click on Manage

after that

Copy nameserver one by one and
go to your domain provider website and log in

I'm using here Godaddy domain provider, probably! Yours can be other but process almost the same.

After login, select your domain and click on DNS.

After clicking on DNS, a new window come like this 

Click on Change, and a new window opens. Connect my domain to a website

click on Enter my own nameservers (advanced)

after click, a new page opens like this

Paste the name server one by one.

Find in hosting website.

If you have more than 2 nameservers. Then click on add nameserver and paste the next nameserver in it

After pasting, click on save.

A new dialog box appears Nameserver update

Click on the yes check box, and continue

Your domain and hosting have been connected, and the nameserver will be update within 24-48 hours.

After the nameserver update, you have successfully Connected your hosting and domain name.

How to Setup WordPress on Hosting 

After connecting hosting to the domain name, wait till the nameserver is updated successfully.

Go to your hosting provider website and open Cpanel

Cpanel look like this

yours Cpanel dashboard may be a different view, but all options are the same

Find WordPress, to install

you can install other CMS platform

Like this

Click on WordPress

Click on Install Now

In software setup, first Choose the version of WordPress you want to install

and choose the domain URL where you want to install WordPress

Important: In Directory, leave empty

After fill, these details. Write your site name, site description. And write user name and password for login to your WordPress dashboard and Admin Mail

Go to the page bottom and click on install.

After installation, to access your WordPress, go to the browser and type your website name / wp-admin.

 example: www.hindimint.in/wp-admin

And enter your username and password to log in.

after login, your dashboard looks like this

Boom! Your WordPress Dashboard is ready to go.

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