What are themes and plugins?

What Is Theme..?

The theme is a graphically designed template designed in the underlayer to form a template that is also programmatically designed by dragging and dragging over it.

In simple language, the theme is a template above which who can design anything.

It is designed with its under programming language. Who can also change it?
There is a type of template.

Most themes are used on WordPress sites.
If you want to make a good website or a good blog, you should choose a suitable theme.

There are two types of themes free and paid. Free articles are primarily installed in WordPress, and you will have to buy paid themes from a third party.
If both of these are correct, then the paid theme is batter.

what is themes and plugins

What is The WordPress Theme

WordPress Theme: WordPress is a blogging platform where you can create your website or blog for free, but you need the best theme for this.

There are lots of WordPress themes available on the internet, which are also free and paid.

Templates, image libraries, and JavaScript files are available in the WordPress theme.

In this, you can change the page, user database, post, etc.

And if you take it for free, you can take it from the WordPress library, and if you want to advance, you can buy it from a third party.

For example, blogging is the most commonly used GeneratePress theme.

Which is The Best WordPress Themes

Which is the best theme for you? It depends on your work. If you are a blogger or want to do blogging,

which article will be for you, or you want to create a website, or you want to create an e-commerce website.

Which will be good for you? We will talk about such a theme here, which will be helpful for you.

First of all, what will be the theme for bloggers? Let's talk about it.


 1. GeneratePress

Which is The Best WordPress Themes

image source - Generatepress

In this, you get the template library to make it easy to create your blog or website.
95% of people use the blog GeneratePress in the blogging field.

To date, 3,349,987+ downloads have been made by GeneratePress, more than 300,000+ websites are active.
If you talk about the price, then it is available for $ 59.


Which is The Best WordPress Themes

image source - Astra

The most lightweight theme is needed for the blog so that it can be easily ranked in Google. Its loading speed should also be good so that it can open in time.

Whether it is an e-commerce website or a blog, the most popular ASTRA theme is taken.

This ASTRA is mostly used in the standard website. It is available in both free and paid versions.

ASTRA is a free theme, but you take the paid version of it, you get a lot of features
5-star support is available, in this you can change anything according to you

If you don't like the theme, you can withdraw your money in 14 days

What Is Plugin ?

The plugin is a software coding that is used only on a WordPress website or blog site. Plugin is free and accessible.

There are two types of freebies you will get at the WordPress store only, but you can only buy them from a third-party company. Let's talk about something free and paid.

All plugins have different work.

Free Plugins

Contact Form 7

Here we have a free plugin called Contact Form 7, which is used only for email marketing.
In this, who can only seek information from people, and such a language is designed

- Next, we talk about the pad, which is the most used.

1. Wp-Rocket 

wp-rocket which is used to increase the maximum of website or blog
This increases your website speed two times
Its performance is excellent, and you can use it

1,553,000+ downloads of wp-rockets have been used to date
Mostly is done to increase the speed of the website.

Bloggers, Freelancers and Agencies, and e-commerce use it to increase website speed.

2.Yoast SEO